Alfano 6 RPM display

How do you change the RPM display to read as 5000 and not 5.0?

I have the factor set to 1x and it is giving me a reading like the 5.0.

  1. Click the gear icon setting (bottom left of your home screen)
  2. Click on the screw driver/ wrenches crossed together (Top second from right)
  3. Hit the down arrow until you find option 4 (RPM)
  4. Set your RPM Freqency to 10Hz
  5. Set your RPM factor to X1
  6. Engine Type to Standard

Your RPM should should start reading 1,600 RPM vs. 1.6 RPM.

The Alfano 6 is awesome, I own 3 of them, happy karting.

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Awesome feedback. Thanks a bunch!

I tried to change those settings and I’m still showing 2.0 instead of 2000.

Can you put RPM factor to 1000x?

I’m not sure it can be changed, never tried as it’s a non issue for me. Anything displayed multiplied by 1000 is the rpm. Basically displayed in short hand or scientific notation.

It’s possible if you do the custom race dash you can get the rpm to display in the thousands. There’s multiple preset race dashes you can select also if I recall. I’m not at mine to mess with it.

No it only goes to 4x and has some /2 and /4 options. This is the only thing that frustrates me with this unit. Everything else works awesome. The data shows RPM in the 1000’s when you pull in onto the phone

Step 4: Set RPM Frequency to **10Hz** (Not 50Hz like I mentioned earlier)

My bad, thats what I get for going off my memory. :laughing:

I had to check the settings off both Alfano’s (1T and 2T): Both set the same but with different Max RPM bands. (Lo206 and Iame)

I’d run them to show you the RPM’s but they are being stored. I know on one of mine the change wasn’t immediate, after reseting the inputs, on the stand it was still reading 1.6 RPM. But once I put in a few laps it changed to 1,600 RPM. I have no idea why the change wasn’t immediate?

But both karts say 1,600 RPM now, and this is what I have them set too. :+1:

Sorry about the second pic, that kart is on the bottom of the double stack and I couldn’t straighten the wheel for the photo.

Alfano RPM2

Alfano RPM1

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