Alguersuari returning to karting

Pretty cool. From his words it seems he totally gets this karting thing.

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“The Spaniard now works as a professional musician under the stage name Squire, but has been testing karts to fill time during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left him unable to tour or perform at festivals.”

He’s a rock star and a race driver. Double threat!

“I’ve been testing go-karts and having sensations that I didn’t feel for a very long time," he said… "When I started racing, I was smiling inside the helmet and it was just driving for pure love… "Now when I’m back on a go-kart, I have the same feelings and I thought, ‘Why shouldn’t I be back in a situation where I’m competitive and I feel like inspiration back to my life?


I for one am thrilled to see someone decide to go “backwards”, particularly a Euro. I’d love to see more pro car drivers competing alongside their more specialized pro kart colleagues. I see this as a great way for car guys to sharpen their game. Not to mention this would be helpful to kart pros as they’d likely get noticed more, too.

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Absolutely. Nice to see

Nice one TJ, shared it to the KP facebook page. I’ll repeat here what I said on FB

Pro drivers “starting” in karts is a worn-out story…continuing to race them, well now you’ve got our attention.


Honestly I think this is huge for karting. Someone going back into karting, not as a ladder but as its own form of competition? unheard of. Its one thing for Norris to go out karting for a youtube video here and than, its another for someone to commit to karting. I totally get his feeling of not wanting to here a word about racing, I cant imagine making it that close, just to fall a little short. Im surprised he didnt have opportunities in other forms of motorpsorts.

Maybe his rock band is successful and he can now race whatever he wants and chooses a kart!

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