All our Aussies... What’s going on with kartbook?

Read something today about the domain being registered to a Russian entity and there’s a new site started but looks very sparse.

Is Col no longer involved?

Theres a post on there about it moving to a more secure domain.

And they seem to have migrated everything over.

Yeah I saw that. No forum stuff moved yet. It seems like they have access to the platform (Ning) so that’s good. I guess col let the domain expire.

I think all the old stuff is there (forum wise) its just in a bunch of sections labelled “Archive”.

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Hi everyone,

What happened was around 2-3 years ago Col sold out his karting business to DPE, and as part of that sale it looks like Kartbook responsibility also went to DPE.

I recently spoke with DPE and they advised they seem to have lost the ability to control the old kartbook website. DPE don’t currently have the resources to look after Kartbook so I’m trying to be a custodian of the information for now. Maybe in a few more years the industry will have recovered from the current slump and can take a more active interest.

Similar to kartpulse website’s aims I just want to preserve material for sharing for the betterment of all forms of karting. Australia’s karting has become even more fragmented over the last 12 months, so I thought trying to have a common platform for all forms of karting is something that was desirable.

Let me know if you have any other questions as i’m happy to answer as best i can.



Welcome Allan, thanks for stopping over. It’s a shame Col got out. Who are DPE?

Keep us posted on progress. Sounds like you guys have access to the Ning platform but lost ownership of the domain correct?

DPE - Drew Price Engineering.
Makers of the Arrow chassis, importer and parts stockist.

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Hi James, unfortunately backend access ning weren’t available. Access is only via individuals who still have a website login account.

Jason is correct, DPE is Drew Price Engineering.