Allison Racing Engines/Brandon Jenkins Concern

So, maybe a bit of an odd post, but I sent my motor to Allison Racing Engines/Brandon on Saturday. I had texted him a question just a couple days prior and he answered quickly as usual.

However, since then, I texted Sunday just to confirm he got the motor and didn’t hear anything. Followed up yesterday with a text and phone call - nothing. Called and texted today, nothing. Engine was signed for by somebody.

Does anyone know if he’s okay? Maybe just busy prepping for some big event I don’t know about? Just seems odd that suddenly he’s entirely unresponsive.

Sunday I would write off, as it’s Sunday and we should all be hanging out with our families and not answering work texts (or we should be at a race track!).

IAME Grands are this week so I would imagine he is swamped working on stuff for that.

Brandon is such a nice dude and usually great at supporting his customers so I’m sure he’s just super busy.


I’ll second what TJ said. Most engine builders are probably crazy busy this week, as everyone will want to have their stuff freshened up for the IAME Grands.

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Ah, got it. I didn’t realize IAME grands was this week, that makes sense.

To be clear, I wasn’t at all worried that he took my motor and ran or something, just genuinely worried that something may have happened! He does seem like a great guy. Thanks for the reassurance.

I’ll follow up mid-next week.

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I mean, there’s a chance that your motor is the best he’s ever scene and he’s smuggling it out of the country to power a new Tesla rocket :man_shrugging:

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Reminds me of Paperback Paradise (@paperbackparadise) • Instagram photos and videos

… if you’re into that sort of absurd inappropriate humor.

Omg I love it. Nice find.