Alpha Kart USA Lays down a cool $1.5M Fund for Contingencies in 2018

Interesting and aggressive move from Alpha KartUSA/Damz Motorsports. Full details from various sources below, but in essence: win races with their gear, win money.

What are your thoughts on it? Are you more likely to consider an Alpha Kart now?

“Joining our Contingency Purse Program is easy,” stated David Hosie of DAMZ / Alpha Kart USA. “Just buy a new Alpha Kart Tiger 40 or Storm Evo, along with a team suit, from DAMZ Inc. and Alpha Kart USA and you’ll set yourself up to support your racing program. Then, win a race with a minimum of 10 drivers in the official results, post the podium photo to Facebook, and you’re winning money. We’re confident that we’ll be supporting drivers in 2018 because we have confidence in our product.”

The 2018 DAMZ / Alpha Kart USA Contingency Purse Program is a first in the sport. This program has been designed to help support drivers in the sport of karting all the way from grassroots club racing, at events across the country, up to the Pro drivers at national races. Simply put, this program gives competitive racers an opportunity to win serious manufacturer contingency money for on-track performances. Regardless of the level at which you race, if you are winning on an ALPHA KART chassis, you are also winning money. The program could pay out as much as $1,500,000 in 2018.

Contingency Purse Award, Event List & Purse Detail

(Includes at time of posting, but not limited to)

SKUSA SuperNats $ 3,000 to win, All classes
SKUSA Pro Tour $ 1,500 to win, All classes, All rounds
SKUSA Winter Tour $ 1,250 to win, All classes, All rounds
SKUSA PKC $ 1,000 to win, All classes, All rounds
SKUSA TPKC $ 750 to win, All classes, All rounds
ROK The Rio $ 1,500 to win, All classes, All rounds
ROK FWT $ 1,250 to win, All classes, All rounds
ROK Festival $ 1,250 to win, All classes, All rounds
ROK COTA $ 1,000 to win, All classes, All rounds
ROK The Rockies $ 750 to win, All classes, All rounds
USPKS $ 1,000 to win, All classes, All rounds
Route 66 $ 750 to win, All classes, All rounds
Gear Up, F series $ 1,000 to win, All classes, All rounds
Texas Sprint Race Series TSRS, $ 750 to win, All classes, All rounds
LAKC, $ 750 to win, All classes, All rounds

Total National & Regional Contingency Purse Program is in excess of $ 500,000

Grass Roots/ Club Event $ 250 to win, All classes, 12 Rounds Max.
Grass Roots / Club Program is eligible at every single recognized club event

More Details

  • Contingency Applies to wins only, class must have minimum 10 entries in the official results.
  • Full factory decals to be displayed on kart.
  • Must purchase\wear official Alpha race suit.

Full details and requirements that you must meet are in this PDF: damz-inc-cpp-detail.pdf (71.7 KB)

Assuming you are in the market for a new chassis…
Are you considering an Alpha Kart having seen this deal?

  • Yes, now I would consider an Alpha Kart because of this deal. But did not before.
  • No, This has not changed my mind.
  • I was planning getting an Alpha anyway.

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I saw that on Facebook too. I was surprised, partially because I’ve never even heard of Alpha Kart before. It’s an interesting approach to get people in their karts, I wonder how successful they would be

Pretty big step in karting for a company to do this. Have a question on the kart itself. I know the Tekneex stuff is Sodi. Is this just a Sodi in blue?

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I’ve asked DAMS\Alpha kart to come join us for a Q&A here. Hopefully we can get some specifics on what differentiates the Alpha kart offerings from their Sodi class equivilants.

(Not that being a Sodi is a bad thing :slight_smile: )

Though I merely race at the local club and we’re trying to get over 10 entries, just having this contingency as a possibility would make me consider an Alpha.

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It’s a great incentive. And cool to see this type of program in karting. If you’re a mildly successful club driver, you could conceivably pay for your kart just by doing club races and an odd regional here and there.


The main thing I remember about Alpha kart was the Virginie Barandon :stuck_out_tongue: of course I was only 16 years old and she was the hottest thing on wheels (no offense Danica)

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This is from the ekn article: “Alpha Karting celebrated its 40th year in business this year, making the brand one of the oldest in the business. This year was a milestone year for the company, as it was acquired by Group GTME, the French holding company that also holds controlling interest of SODIKART. Following the acquisition, the companies have entered a technical collaboration and manufacturing agreement where ALPHA Karting Race Chassis will be designed and manufactured in the SODIKART advanced manufacturing plant. This technical collaboration has already produced the new ALPHA TIGER 40 chassis, using proven technology form SODIKART. The results of this are already being seen at the podium.”

So I’m sure it’s very close to a Sodi with some minor chassis changes and all the same components.