Alpinestars Suit Comparison; KMX 9 vs KMX 5 vs KMX 1

I currently have an old Sparco X-light suit that I’m looking to replace. I’m looking at (what appears) previous year models of Alpinestars suits listed on Speedway Motors.

I’ve searched the interwebs for reviews and/or comparisons and I haven’t found clear and practical differences between these suits.

Does anyone have experience with these particular suits KMX9, KMX5, KMX1 that I’m considering? And/or know which suit would be the lightest weight, coolest, and most breathable in the Florida summers?

Alpinestars KMX 9 Karting Suit:

Alpinestars KMX-5 Racing Suit:

Alpinestars Super KMX-1:

I’d appreciate any feedback on these suits.


If anyone else is in the same boat I found this very helpful on

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Thanks for the reference from Acceleration. The only input I have is that for 2019/2020 Alpinestars updated the design of the KMX9 and it now has the polyester inner like their other suits to be cooler. I also tried it on at the same time as base model K1 and Sparco suits and the Alpinestars was easily the lightest of the bunch.

Kart suits seem to fall into heavy or thin categories. I suspect the more you spend, the more high tech and light breathable fabric is used.

It would be nice if they indicated wether it is a winter or spring type suit.