Alternative disc sizes?

Hello all,

I’m currently building a kart to race in the TKM class here in the UK. I’ve acquired a Kelgate K30 calliper and master cylinder. This is designed to run with a 200mm x 8mm disc. Due to various reasons which I won’t bore you with, I need to purchase from Ebay. This size disc isn’t appearing on any searches but I am finding similar, but not quite the same, sizes.

Would it be fine to use this calliper with for example; 210mm x 6mm disc?

Off the cuff you could probably make a 6mm thick rotor work with some backspacing on the pads. Having an extra 5mm on the radius could be a problem though, have you been able to verify that there would be enough clearance between the rotor\caliper and that the pads would make contact on the outside?

Out of curiosity, what chassis do you have?

Thanks for the reply James.

I didn’t think think going thinner would be too much of a problem as surely a mil each side of the disc is within normal wear parameters.

No, I haven’t been able to check whether there would be enough clearance between the disc and calliper as I haven’t acquired the calliper mounting bracket yet. I assumed there would be some adjustability for mounting. I thought the issue would be more about the profile and size of the pads?

It’s a Mari Mk.6. Seemingly an odd-ball of a chassis, that is throwing head ache after head ache at me. But I think I’ve got the worst of the issues out of the way. And before anyone piped up about it not being eligible for TKM, it is. I’ve had this confirmed by Alan Turney.