Alu or magnesium rims

Magnesium vs alu. What is the best and what are the benefits of them. I have had alu hubs and now recently switched to magnesium bc its over 30 celcius some days. And i had to mutch grip witch caused jumping and wearing the tires. Magnesium gave me better and smoother driving and tires looked normal no blistering etc. Now i want to se if rims make a big difference. So what you guys think should i stick to my alu or switch to magnesium. Its alot of rubber on track and 30 celsius some days so pretty hot.

Are the black douglas rims alu??:sweat_smile:

Mags are the ways to go. But the black ones are mags

Magnesium runs cooler, aluminum hotter.

Aluminum for wet or cold weather, magnesium for everything else.

oh it turns out i had megnesium so nvrmind haha

I think pretty much every 2-stroke runs magnesium for better heat dissipation. I only ever see aluminum on rain tires or 4 stroke: