Am I a Jerk? Moral Incident analysis #4

As back-handed as it gets :joy::+1:t3:


It counts as far as I’m concerned.


So instead of starting a new post I am going to add to this with a separate incident…maybe not a jerk move but would like some public input.

In our final today I started 6th in a field of 12. The racer in 4th in front of me taps on the back of his helmet as we approach the start, with his hand which I interpret as “push me” so I do just that and we all start well however, I notice during the first lap that his bumper is dragging, which feel is somewhat my fault (I haven’t watched my video yet). A few laps later he is black-flagged and his race is over. Afterward, he was fine with it but I also have some guilt. So, as Dom said…Am I a jerk?

So was the tap a bit more vigorous than intended? Hardly a jerk move if the intent was to work with him.

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Tapping a bumper isn’t the reason it broke. It was already going to fail anyway. You’re not a jerk, he should’ve had bumper savers on.

You did nothing malicious, in fact you were trying to help.