AMA: Hannah Greenemeier

We’ll be doing a few fun videos in the leadup to the 2022 National Season Kickoff in Homestead – one of which being that we take your questions and ask the Pros directly to answer!

In this thread, send any questions you may have for 2021 SKUSA Pro Tour X30 Pro Division Champion Hannah Greenemeier and we’ll see about getting them answered LIVE and on camera!

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I’m sure you are sick of this question, but why do you think relatively few women take up karting and what can we do about that? I can think of several terrific women kart racers round here, but they all left for cars, eventually.


What is next? Does she have aspirations further up the Motorsports ladder? Or does she love Karting and want to stick with it the way some others have?

If Motorosports ladder, open wheel, sports cars, or oval track? And why?


How has the team dynamic changed as RPG continues to expand its roster of talented drivers?


Being a father of a 7 year girl that has aspirations of racing, I am always looking for Positive Role Models for her.

As a Woman and Professional Kart Driver, what are some of the biggest challenges you have faced in your racing career? What advise would give the young girls starting out to avoid or to overcome those challenges?