American made karts

Hey, I was always wondering if there a different chassis being used in the US.

And surprisingly I found out about some American kart companies but even in this forum it seems like no ones drives these.
Examples which I found:
-Factory Karts -Magik Kart -Margay Racing -Coyote karts -MGM Chassis -TB Kart (not sure)
Why is that?

I would love to have an American made kart, but shipping is crazy expensive.

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I just won Stars KZ Masters on a Factory Kart. Love that chassis! :sunglasses:


The American karts are super popular in 4 cycle racing here in America. The MGM, Coyote, and Comet Eagle are probably 50+% of the fields in every major 4 cycle race I have seen.

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My son and I run Margay Ignites. There’s a bunch of them in the Midwest (Margay is in St. Louis); we’re in NW Ohio kinda at the edge of the highest density of Margays. There’s an Ignite Series at tracks in the area around St. Louis.

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Oh, my bad…
I had the impression like these were unpopular.
I´d looove to get my hands on one but Factory said shipping would be somewhat around 1000$.
It´s not their fault but thats crazy :sweat_smile:

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The issue that certain events in Europe require CIK Homologation for chassis. This is why you won’t see many American karts in Europe.

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I´m not racing so far anyway…
But that sucks, typical for Europe/Germany, they love rules.

They could send me a chassis so I could promote it for them here :grin:

Next year FIA are bringing in homologated gloves and boots. :woman_shrugging:

Oh, surprising that isn´t already that way.

Btw I love how active this forum is.
Back to the chassis

Comet, MGM, and Coyote are very strong in the East and Midwest areas where CKNA is popular. CKNA is right now the largest regional/national 4 stroke program in the country.

Midwest and you start to see a bunch of Margay karts popping up. They even have had a Margay specific series. Again all 4 stroke.

In the 2 stroke category Factory Kart is really the only one making inroads as a US manufacturer. They are not cheap though!

The other brands you mentioned:
TB - made in Italy.
Magik - made in Italy

I think Alan hit it on the head regarding 2 stroke chassis in the US. The US FIA organization for karting is broken…so getting a chassis CIK/FIA approved is challenging.

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The number of homologated chassis is on decline and no where near its heyday, so not really a US thing. OTK is really dominating to an extreme extent now. Not leaving much room for anyone else. It’s a shame to see.

how many karts were homologated at its peak?

yeah, if I wanted to bring one where I live it would cost the same as buying a new OTK or Birel locally :sweat_smile:

Ive heard there is a coyote dealer in Canada now. Will be interesting to see how they do.

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How is GFC doing?
I love the livery

Waitt. Gfc is american made?

So how many american made chassis has been homologated by the fia cik?

At last Kartpulse hivemind check, GFC made by TBKart:

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There was about 60-70 manufacturers in 1997 and 100s of chassis models, and that wasn’t the peak. Now we’re down to around 25ish manufacturers and OTK taking a fair chunk of the market. In '89 we had 18 100cc engine manufacurers, now the FIA across all classes sits at 6.

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0 currently…

0 in the future