American made karts

Margay CIK 007 Brava 1 is on the 1997 Homologation list.

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From Article 21 of Karting Homologation Regulations

For Manufacturers: minimum quantity for each model: 75 chassis, including 25 assembled, complete and ready to be driven, but without tyres, seat, brakes or bodywork and without the engine, in an identical manner, as shown on page 1 of the Homologation Form. The homologation number shall be clearly visible on one of the main struts of the chassis.

So we’re talking about a £15,000 investment in tubing alone. To get CIK homologation and having everything set up maybe £40,000-50,000.

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Thats good to hear. Where do you guys race out of?

This sounds very challenging.


@KartingIsLife I read and reread that statement 4-5 times. Each time not sure if I read it correctly.

Oh that is awesome to hear! Last I heard was shortly after the owner passed away and I never heard anything about them afterwards.

Isn’t Compkart considered American?

They’re made in Italy by BirelART

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Depends how many you are selling :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye, but I don’t mean meeting the numbers, I mean having a ready to race kart that has no wheels, tires, seat or engine.

We race out of Mosport. If we ever cross paths on a practice day you are welcome to try a few laps.

We run Waterloo and Hamilton, but im hoping to get to mosport this summer with my son. He’s in Jr, what class does your son race in?

Factory Karts are homologated by SKUSA. Homologation process is straightforward: Factory pays SKUSA to inspect karts and certify that they meet the SKUSA regulations as-manufactured. Every US karting organization that we have seen so far will accept a SKUSA homologation.

I’ve not found anywhere that cares as long as it’s properly constructed to expected standards…

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I take it the gloves I got from the discount bin at CycleGear and a pair of Chuck Taylors won’t qualify?

I currently and the last 3 years have run an Ikart. There made in Indianapolis they had some major changes to the chassis design going into this year and so far the new models been great

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