Amp lo206 12 hour enduro

looks like illl be trying something new later this year at amp there holding a 12 hour race on june 9th. is anyone else here attending?
might need some tips from @Bimodal_Rocket

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What kart, lo206? 12hrs in tag would be pretty tiring.

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yup its gonna be a 206 definetly gonna be hard plus its mid summer which wont help a 1-2 hour stint.

Come to think of it, you’d need a top end in tag after the race. That would be a pricey enduro.

As far as tips go, I’d say spend some time figuring out your teams pitting schedule/strategy. There will likely be some mandated amount of stops and you will need to refuel.

@tankyx handled all of this for team baguette. He had printed out a rhing which we would use and mark up as we went along. It would tell us when to wave a guy in.

You are gonna want to be able to communicate the pit ins. We used a tshirt to wave as they came by our spot but some guys had comms, some had boards like on tv races.

I will be asking Tanguy for his help to figure out our pit strategy since I am green at this.

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sounds like a lot to go wrong how was the clutch ware in the rentals?

No issues mechanically at all.
Kart pulled fine all day.

quite impressive altho its probaly gonna be difrent in the 206 how long did you spend in the kart at a time.

I know a bunch of guys who did the 24 hour 206 race. If ya got any questions I can direct them to those guys.
You gotta be mechanically sound because something will eventually go wrong. Lights on kart also helps in the dark.
@Bimodal_Rocket im gonna send you an email with my personal account so we can plan everything.

The ones I have done have been 6hr races. I think we had something along the lines of 4 sessions each (group of 4 drivers). I think my sessions were about 20-25mins.

i wish we could race at night but amp didn’t get a permit for lights so they will race from 7am to 7pm but that would be dope.

I would love to do something like that at our track.

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