Amsoil Dominator 2T oil

Looking for input on Amsoil Dominator for 2 stroke oil, for KA100 specifically. I race locally, so I don’t need a spec oil, and Amsoil is noticeably less than Motul or Elf oils. My motor guy is generally positive on it, just looking for good or bad input.

If your motor guy is for it then it sounds solid. I was a motul only person. But my new builder wants elf. So that’s all I run now

I use it in shifters works well is clean an lubs well. If running over 14000 rpms a oz or 2 of a good synthetic castor would help

What do you consider synthetic castor? I am not familiar with this.

I like castor 727 Can find on the net if no one by you has it

IAME says to use ELF HTX 909 oil, and Felix Rovelli says that expensive oil is cheaper than rebuilds, so that’s what I use - and save money by running premium pump gasoline instead of race gas.

Having said that, my Leopard and my EasyKart both ran perfectly well using Mystik Sea and Snow JT-4, a JASO FD semi-synthetic oil that costs $6 per quart.