AMV oxitech vs OTK wheels

What kart and tire are you using it on mate?

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They are essentially the same as the standard 3F wheel. The extra bolt holes will give you the option to stiffen, but I rarely see teams utilizing those.

The one notable difference is the KR version of the 3F has 6mm more backspacing on the rear wheels, so that will make them slightly stiffer and add just a hint more grip.

I believe Paul has said the difference in PCD doesn’t affect handling.

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@Muskabeatz has it right. The larger PCD theoretically can allow for a lighter rear hub, less rotating mass. That is the biggest difference you will find to a 58mm PCD hub.

What it truly allows for is for KR to exclusively handle the distribution and sales of wheels through it retail dealer network.

The 6 bolt approach was developed mainly for shifter racing as I understand it.


Hello, coming back on this topic. Comparing KR wheel to the 3F.
Isn‘t 6mm more backspacing/offset quite a lot of difference?