AMV Wheels, 3F vs 6f vs 9F vs MXC

Hey Guys,

Wondering if anyone has any opinions about 9F AMV wheels. I tried 3fs on my kart recently and the kart felt good, balance was nice but just didn’t have release off of the turn, switched to MXCs and it released off the turn better, but I’m just not a fan of the MXC feel wise.

In short, have you tried 9F rims?

If so, what’s your opinion?


The 9F because of the 6 air vent hole, especially when mated to the 9F hubs, will dissipate heat better particularly on a very hot day. The feel and balance of the 3F and 9F are similar but the 9F will be freer. Here is a quote from Ryan Casner, a top masters driver, on the performance of the 9F.