AMV Wheels on CRG


anyone used AMV wheels on a CRG KT2?
What wheels come close to the CRG wheels? Any advantages?

Would be nice to get some infos

I haven’t but I read a comparison report that basically said the KT2 stock wheels were better than any aftermarket ones they tried. I’ll try to dig it out.

CRG are a bit goofy, ‘standard’ wheels won’t fit the hubs. I tried to swap the DWT wheels from my Energy kart just to see for myself, but they wouldn’t fit.

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Would be nice if you could look for that report.

I believe the Kart Republic specific AMV wheels are the only ones that work on the CRG but not a hundred percent sure. I know the standard ones don’t fit. I like the AMV 3F’s I have, they seem to work nicely with the stickier rubber we run sometimes. Only complaint is they are a pain to mount tires on since the coating on them isn’t very slippery.

Not quite. Standard bolt spacing is 58mm, that’s what you’ll find on your Merlin, an OTK, etc. CRG uses a 67mm bolt spacing, and KR uses 69mm. Small difference, but means that you have to buy KR and CRG specific wheels to run each of those karts, and any of their other brands as well.

Did not know KR use yet another pattern from CRG/Tinini and everyone else.

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Cool thanks for the info. I knew KR and CRG was different from most but I thought they might be the same. Anyways good to know.

That’s interesting Richard about the KT2 stock wheels. I assume you’re referring to the vented CRG mag. I’d love to see the comparison.

CRG uses a 67mm PCD front hub. The rear hub is the standard 58mm. The KR is 69mm PCD front and rear. For more info on PCDs, check this info out.

As for AMV and CRG, we make a 67mm PCD front wheel for the 9F, 3F, and Tiger wheels. I believe 67mm PCD for Lynx is still under development.

Team Prodigy from Charlotte, North Carolina which campaigns Maranello karts is switching over all its 2 cycle karts (KA and X30) to AMV 9F wheels. They found the standard CRG made the kart too tight on hotter days and during longer runs. They are still testing the 9F on their four-cycle kart, but it appears they will switch those karts over to AMV wheels as well.

I am not certain if the CRG KT2 is different from the Maranello MK3, but I would assume they are pretty similar. I know the teams running the karts discuss and share setup information.

Please note that all the karts Prodigy has switched over, the karts changed the front axle to 58mm PCD hubs. 67mm PCD 9F front wheels will be arriving shortly – I hope.

If you would like more information on AMV wheels, you can find everything here.

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How else to make sure you capture the vast majority of the replacement and tuning wheel sales?

Lynx comes closest to the standard CRG wheel. The advantages are heat dissipation and more consistent tire pressure and temps. Joe Ruch was having trouble with his shifter on stock CRG wheels this past weekend at PittRace and he switched to AMV. He said he really liked the way the AMV wheel performed.

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Sorry to hijack the thread, i was just wondering if AMV make a 180mm magnesium rim?

Yes, Tiger is available in 180 mm magnesium. I do not stock them however

I have a question Paul.

A lot of the KR guys are using Tiger or even the normal KR wheel (is it called 6f?) magnesium in the rain. Do these wheels have a different offset front and rear from the wheels you use in the dry?
Normally we use aluminium wheels to generate more heat. Are they using more preassure with the megnesium wheel to compensate this?

They do have more offset. I believe 63mm v 58mm. Part of the reason they run the magnesium wheels in the rain is because KR did not ask AMV to make an aluminum rain wheel for them. As far as I know, no one makes an alu wheel in the KR 69mm PCD.