An Intro and Questions about Karting in Utah

Hi folks,

New to the forum, so I wanted to introduce myself, ask some questions, and get acquainted. I’ve been getting back into the karting game this spring, after a long absence, doing rental kart hot laps and racing. I’ve really been enjoying it and am looking forward to seeing how deep into karting I want to get.

I’ll be moving to the SLC area of Utah very soon and wanted to ask if anyone’s knowledgeable about the karting scene there? What classes are popular, where people race, places to buy gear, etc. If there are teams that cater to new(ish) adult karters I’d be interested in being pointed their way.


Hey Patrick

Welcome to the group, not sure we have any members around SLC.

From an outsider though it looks like you’ve got Utah motorsports Campus outdoors doing rentals and K1 Speed doing indoors. I’m guessing indoors is the only option during winter. I only know K1 are there because I’ve been studying their franchising business model :grin:

UMC doesn’t have any classes like 206, start one up if that’s what you’re looking for. Just be mindful you’ll have to park it for the winter.

You can find everything about the Utah Karting Championship here: UMC Karting Championship | Utah Motorsports Campus

The 206 class is one of many and quite popular. KA100 is probably the biggest class right now.

Top two local teams who offer track support and equipment:


Really interesting. Race day schedule:

They have an “arrive and drive” race on rentals nestled into the owner kart race day schedule. Right after kid karts but before masters. :heart: The rental racers get to have fun in the race days!