Andre Lafond joins rookie Texas team Defacto Racing

Exciting News for Team Defacto Racing!

Hey Karting Enthusiasts and Racing Fans,

We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic addition to our South Texas Team Defacto Racing - none other than the incredible Andre Lafond!

Andre Lafond, a force to be reckoned with, has not just joined us as a driving coach but is also revving up his engines in the KA100 Senior Class. Hailing from the karting scene since 2018, this New Jersey native is a relentless competitor, and his dedication to racing is unparalleled.

Andre, an all-around athlete, brings a level of discipline and focus to the track that is truly commendable. His analytical approach to racing makes him not only a fierce competitor but also a fair one. Having been recruited into the Road to Indy Series and racing two seasons in the UK, Andre Lafond is an up-and-coming talent, journeying to take on the highest levels of motorsports.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Andre to our team! His expertise, passion, and persistence are exactly what we need as we embark on our karting adventure. With Andre by our side, we’re confident that we’ll learn the ropes and conquer every twist and turn of the track.

Let’s give a warm Lone Star State welcome to Andre Lafond!

And as the Three Musketeers used to say: “Tous pour un, un pour tous” (All for one, and one for all)

Join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter!

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Awesome news @AndreLafond!
Sounds like a Win-Win all the way around.
Best of luck next season to Team Defacto Racing. :+1:

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Thank you, Warren! We are very lucky to have @AndreLafond in our team.
We’ll keep you posted about our karting adventures… the good, the bad, and the ugly!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Exciting news, and sounds like a great opportunity for everyone involved!

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Thank you, Evan. I agree with you 100%.

Well, crap.

Dammit, Andre. :crazy_face:

Congrats to you both. Hope it works out.

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Thank you Warren! Really looking forward to it. Once the sponsorship is there, between race weekends, testing, and now this it should be a pretty packed schedule haha.


Thanks Dom! I’ll keep you updated on the car stuff too. Fitting in an endurance race should be possible


Nice @AndreLafond ! Looking forward to your 2024 results !

Is there a spot for an overweight, grumpy, past his prime frenchy as well ? :joy:


It’s Tanguy!

I like!

Fear not, Mon Ami, I can put Nick in the seat from time to time. Additionally, I was thinking it might be fun to go track down a Scumette for the Rebellion. Marc commented on what a sausage fest supercharged league is and he’s correct. Not a single woman. Although the public sessions are packed with ladies.

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I’ll certainly keep you updated! GB3 is also having a few international rounds this year so fingers crossed when the budget comes together I’ll keep you updated on those.

If I’m living overseas, those rental kart races you post videos of look like a ton of fun.

You’re all in. This is awesome! Congrats.

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Woot! Sounds awesome. I’ll eat one of Alan’s tie-died bucket hats if it doesn’t work out. He’s a great young man and super on it.

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Thank you, Clayton!
Our sponsor wants to contribute to the karting community in our region.
Things are starting move along well!

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Got Instagram going? That seems to be the go-to for karting these days.

We are working on Instagram and other social media like Youtube, tiktok, etc.
Thank you Dom!

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