Andreas Bakkerud does a karting marathon - Youtube Video

Andreas Bakkerud is a rallycross driver from Bergen, Norway. He happened to a karting marathon with some mates, where he did three tracks in four days. We need more content like this about karting.

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That’s awesome. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing some sort of US Karting RV type road trip with @Alan_Dove but finding someone to pay the bill…

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Karting has such huge potential for that kinda thing, especially in the states.

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Which tracks would you pick in mainland Europe?

I’d go to the street events in Italy and hill climbs in France. The traditional circuit scene is of little or no interest from a road-trip perspective.

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Mmmmm from a spectator view agree but you can’t just turn up at a street event and do some laps?

I’m thinking decent tracks to go do some casual laps rather than spectate or take part in organised events - French road trip would be cool I’d start at Paul Ricard then Roche-de-Glun and wind up at Le Mans, maybe one in between RDG and Le Mans.

Paul Ricard is a lovely part of the world, but the kart track wasn’t anything special. Europe is full of tracks but so many of them are just big and flat, not particularly iconic from a drivers perspective. it’s the nature of the the fact kart tracks take up relatively little land and thus don’t ‘go anywhere’ and aren’t particularly ‘hilly’.

If I had to choose tho I’d have

Kerpen, Rudskogen and the Mika Salo circuit.

The states you’ve got Supernats, Rock Island GP. Lancaster, and a whole host of other weird events. As you say not something you can just turn up and drive, but so much more vibrancy and novelty in my view

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