[Announcement] Karting Events and Schedules Category

With a recent uptick in event discussions on the forums here and an impending social media ***tshow coming up, I’ve decided to re-enable the #karting-race-and-event-calendars category

Feel free to share updates from clubs, tracks, series etc as well as adding your own stories, videos, social media snippets that you come across etc .

What other updates or changes would you like to see from KP? It can be forums… or beyond.

So this is where we post race vids and the like?

Yeah let’s try it for a while.

Well this is my 20th-6th run at nhms after a bad crash


Nice drive. You improved a lot since your last vid. :+1:

Thanks! Just need to work on my braking and consistency. It’s been hard to get better especially without any practice days