Announcement: KartPulse Live (Talk Show)

Join us Live on Facebook 6PM central on Jan 15th

@Eric_Gunderson has been aching to do this since… May 2017? Anyway…


On Monday Jan 15th, we’re going to experiment with a live talk show format on facebook. The topic list is pretty loose at this point.

What would you like to see on the show?

Not sure if it’s too broad but something I’d like to hear is a macro level overview of the different options in kart racing, being a relatively new karter there are always classes I’m hearing about that have funny names and don’t mean anything to me.

For example Yamaha Pipe. Is that something that is just in Enduro karting? I think Yamaha CAN was another? For someone considering getting into the sport or someone looking to try out another class (for example after the LO206 entry point) what are my options? Why would I want to run one of these old classes that I hear people say is “dying”?

Why would I want to switch to a laydown kart? The first thing that comes to mind is not being able to run it at a normal kart track.

I know guys that only have only done sprint karts and guys that have always run Enduro (laydown) karts because that’s what daddy did. Maybe just a conversation around the pros and cons of all of these directions you can go with karting, but trying to stay at a high level without the class war drama.

@Nevinear, heavy question, but an important one. You’re on!

@Eric_Gunderson, let’s tackle this on the show.

Here’s the link to the full show: