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I was wondering if anyone has any options on a Magik kart?

Good kart with DNA from the old Croc and ART chassis. They’ve made it work in KZ and single speed stuff. The Bujdosos know their stuff and are good folks. As with any kart, most important is the help you receive with spare parts and tuning advice.

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Any specifics that you’re looking to better understand? Their on-track results speak for themselves, so it’s obviously capable of winning at any level. Might be helpful to understand what you’re looking for in a chassis, and if you’re near one of their dealers.

Not sure there is any brand/team that has had more continuous success than Checkered/Magik has in the Shifter ranks these last few years. Starting to have some success in KA now as well.

Look at the TKart article about the Mad-Croc Kart from a few years back.

Armando Filini, who designed it, calls the design “classical”. I call it “generic” - but it’s a very good generic kart. There’s nothing special about the geometry, the metallurgy, the adjustments, or the hardware - but the brakes work really well, the paint is sparkly, they’re durable, and the OEM parts are what kart shops carry as “it’ll fit most karts.”

If you’ve got a good local dealer, and you’re getting a good price on it, go for it! If you’re clear across the country from Magik Kart USA, extremely similar chassis are available from AK USA, Race Factory, and Croc Promotions. I will point out that Factory Karts in Riverside CA started building chassis because Billy and Willy thought they could make something faster than a Croc…

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There’s been nothing special for at least 20 years lol. Even your beloved Factory Kart, the seat supports were on the IKart and the bearing supports have been standard on some superkarts for decades. That’s not meant to diminish what they are doing, because let’s face it, no one else is.

To build on what people have already said. Emme (or EKS) build the frames for Magik, Croc, Drago and AK USA (probably others too). The components on all but the Croc are also made by Emme and the braking system is ItalFreno (also by Emme). The Croc brand is currently owned by Elzet (a slovakian components manufacturer) who put their components in the frame (i.e. brakes, mag parts etc). With Emme there are tubing choices one can make but I’m not privy to all the brands choices and of course you can pay for a new jig and get different geometry too.

RF are now on Kart Republics.


I take it back, there was the maranello rs8.

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Magik is as good as any. Support at the races you run, in the classes you race in is exponentially more important than the brand or color of chassis or any “OMG \nsert brand here/ won all the things at \insert national or international race here/ so you should buy it” evangelism you might come across.

So, what races are you running and seems to offer the strongest support (For you)

Don’t forget Sodikart futura and Jesolo Apache


Yes yes, wasn’t the sodi kart in the 90s though?

The jesolo I never saw do anything at all, at least the maranello competed at the front internationally.

They tested the Sodi 2011, although it was only a prototype they used at one race in Sarno with the KF1 class :grin:

It think Jesolo did some racing in Italy but it was horrible :joy:

You also have Trackkart and Techspeed


Just talked to Jeremy at TrackKart yesterday catching up on various things. He’s still making chassis if anyone wants a taste of something ACTUALLY different :grin:


Had a Trackart years ago, was fast out of the box. So very light on the wheel, took a minute to get used to. Quality was nice, and was very unique design.

Track Karts go fast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a slow one.

You would if I was driving it :rofl:

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Love Jeremy’s work - outstanding attention to detail and some outside the box thinking, yet with a purpose. Very cool stuff.

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Somebody is shilling something :grin:

Tecno, Sodi, Intrepid all released something different


To be fair, if he doesn’t make some noise about his karts, how would anyone know?

I work for them, so I have a good reason to promote the Factory chassis when I get the chance!

It is true that some of the differences between the Factory and most other karts have been seen before. There are a few that haven’t.

But back to the original thread - the Emme karts are excellent and have accumulated a record of success that’s way out of proportion to the percentage of their karts in the field.

My memory is failing me lol. Thanks for the reminder.