Another clutch question

Being that I will have to change crank halves on the HPV, it has me wondering if I can or should do the same thing to my trusty old Comer 351L FA. Finding a piston for that has been a chore. I loved my 351 DD. AT 57 I can see some olympic level face plants or other nasty shat eating from the driver, pusher, and likely both. A low RPM lock up clutch would be cool. Force myself to keep the RPM to something sane and it might make a very cool package with enough run time life to make it fun. I wonder what PTO half would make that possible. Any ideas?

How about an axle clutch?

We used to run the TT75’s with an axle clutch. I had Emmick bring in the 351L as a surprise weapon. It was legal in the SS class. Even with my extremely average driving, I lumped them up until the other guys could get one. :grimacing:. Those
Big SMC and Horstman axle clutches acted like a big gyro with the precession that goes with it. They were also a maintenance hog oddly enough. The 2 cycle dirt guys run a jackshaft clutch that seems to work for Sudams etc. maybe that is worth a shot. A burly Vortex 4 disc, slowed way down from the JS might work well. It would be a lot easier to just buy a new KA. Im just over looking at all the great engines in my shop that have gone extinct but are still great pieces. 351L. Comer 125 (almost a diesel but still cool) HPV 100’s. TT 75’s. And many more.

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