Another Track in Ohio? Wilder Horizon Raceway, Circleville

Ohio is dream for diehards lol!


It seems there’s something in the water around here… :potable_water:

If they manage to resurrect and modernize Circleville it would be awesome. It was always a challenging and unique circuit.


It’d be cool to see something get done with circleville, but it would appear to me they’re not trying to run it as a kart track but for drift events? Hard to tell from the limited info.

Posted in the FB comments:

"We are getting a lot of messages about the track, karting specifically.

Yes we do intend on bringing karting back to central Ohio. We will be looking to have outside organizations rent the track and run their events. Those organizations will be required to have their own insurance and meet our requirements to hold events at our track."

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They also posted that at least for the upcoming year they won’t be repaving yet, so it may take a while to get it back up to karting standards

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At least someone is trying. I’ll give them credit for that.

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Just looked it up on google earth. Looks like a fun track with a long, short or oval configuration. The pavement looks rough though! If they intend to drift and kart, that will be hell on the surface.

Based on our recent repave, they’re probably looking at $300-$500k there.

If one was starting fresh…not a repave…. Any idea what the rough cost is to put down a kart sprint track (no buildings etc…just the actual track…including paint)?

I’d say you’d need $750k-$1mil. When you add in all the additional costs to cut and grade the track before even thinking of paving, then add curbs, paint, crash barriers, timing loop, scales. It’s adds up fast!!


Having car people run on a track is a great way to make a racetrack profitable. They are used to paying a lot more money to play. Tracks that make money stay open and make improvements. Just need to make sure karts don’t cost them money to run.