Any concerns securing kart to stand while transporting in trailer

Does anyone have experience securing kart to streeter kart stand (see pic) while transporting in trailer?

Should I be concerned with this kart stand collapsing in transport? Is it safer to transport kart on floor of trailer?


Streeter Super Stands specifically warns against transporting the kart while on the stand.

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Transporting the kart on the stand is not something I would ever do, personally.

Also, your tire wear looks nice. :male_detective:


I put mine on a double stacker to transport, it has a better frame for support. I’ve never transported it on any other stand I have, they just seemed like asking for trouble transporting on them. However, I also wouldn’t put it on the ground to transport it unless you had a set of travel tires that you didn’t run. It’s possible to create flat spots on the tires, so either use blocks to lift it off the ground, or have travel tires.

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Do not transport on the x style scissor stands. From what I’ve seen majority of the time you’ll arrive with a bent or collapsed stand.

What they all said :point_up_2:

I learned the hard way and collapsed one early in our karting days.

I used to strap mine down on the kart stand until it bent the hubs of the stand and really messed it up. Most manufacturers don’t recommend doing that since it’s not designed for it.

Here’s how I secure it using trailer load bars for support.

I haul two of ours on KartLift Pro’s, but the other two are on rolling stands and get transported on the floor. If you made a support under the cross bars so the weight of the kart wasn’t on the little pegs you’d be good, just make sure the kart can’t slide off the stand.