Any Information on Evo Kart?

So over the summer I worked for a team that ran Evo Kart equipment, and was wondering if anyone knew anything about the brand. I’ve heard a lot of things about the brand that kinda sorta line up, but some of the stuff that I noticed while working on the karts just lead me to a bit of confusion about the brand, like where it came from, and if the karts are made themselves or through another manufacturer.

It certainly used to be and was homologated by CRG.

That is what I had found as well. The team were saying Evo Kart was made in Australia, and has no relation to CRG. Further questioning turned into it’s homologated by CRG but is it’s own design and made in Evo Karts own factory. Looking at the chassis design compared to the DR I ran even this year looked very similar though.

Nah don’t believe it. It definitely has CRG components. It might be their design (who would run 32mm tubing) but its definitely not Australian. Unless they started using Italian street addresses and phone numbers in Italy.

Wehrheim ran their kart a few years ago for a couple events. They had their French driver Breysse over here for some Pro Tour events around the same time. Then didn’t see anything of them for a few years and now Maxwell is running them.

Talking with the DR guys, they said exactly what you did. CRG components, design cues from CRG like little notches cut out of the frame where the front torsion bars mount, even the heelstop mounts the same way DR mounts theirs.

Also, looking at the chassis, it’s a DR S97/CRG KT2 with a 32mm front hoop.

I held my belief it was made by CRG, and just kept quiet while I worked there. What you’re saying lines up with that as well.