Any information on titan chassis

titian chassis

**just picked up titan chassis. I cant find any info online about them. Seems to be a well made kart and handles great i just would like to find out the year mine was made.

Are you doing oval or sprint? Also, got a pic so the kart savants can help? Casual google suggests they seem to be more of an oval track part of the world brand?

Yes oval dirt racing. All i have is a picture with the body on it i will have to take one when i get off work

Bobs 4 cycle forum seems to have a bunch of Titan related posts. M wondering if they are OOB as the google search reveals a link that goes nowhere that appears to be have posted by the co…

All Titan kart owners !!! Read new owner new chassis plz read

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We will also still offer the combs mini champ karts Our fb page has … Titan Racingchassis we are working with some good people on this … Any question call 8438106014

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looks identical to this one except its blue

So normally there’s a number or code on the chassis sorta back in the engine area on the bottom. That would identify it totally assuming there’s a way to look it up.
But, Oval chassis might not be homologated? And might not have a chassis code?

Try that phone number and see if it reaches them

Paging: @Don_Westlie @spribyl

They are kind of all over the place.

Front porch
Spindle arm
Next to the seat
rear axle carrier