Any one uses Kartsim for training of driving skills?

I own a OTK chassis with Rotax engine and like to learn drving skills. I recently put some efforts on my simulator, Fanatec DD1 & Kartsim. I read @Terence_Dove 's book and train myself with some courses. This helps me much and save me a lot of track cost for the basic training. I am wondering if some one does the same thing as I.

I got a lot out of kartkraft but haven’t tried kartsim. @Alan_Dove might have knowledge of it since I believe he used it to train folks in the past.

I have KartKraft also. After comparing and fine-tuning the force feedback of Kartsim, KartKraft, Kart Racing Pro, I choose Kartsim to go. I can not stand the oddly strong road vibration force feedback of KK. If I reduce it to acceptable level, the force feedback would go wrong. I am fully satisfied with Kartsim. I just have to adjust my action force, not the action timing when I get into my own real kart.

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It’s abandonware sadly, anyways. It’s a pity there aren’t any other recent kart titles available. I tried KRP but it felt old, graphically.

Kartkraft i think is best compared to reality

I coached car racers when I did the main bulk of my sim work, never used kart sims for any specific coaching. I had sporadic success coaching the car lot, but anecdotally it was mainly understanding the person and how they approach what they do which generated the best results. But again, very anecdotal.

I still to this day believe Live For Speed to be as good as anything else for training specific purposes, but I haven’t simmed myself for a long time.