Any thoughts on solutions for being able to see mychron screen while driving?

I toasted my engine this weekend as my water pump had an issue and proceeded to leak th water out of the radiator.
I can’t really see the mychron since I need reading glasses, so I missed the “hey your engine is too hot” message.
Short of putting readers on under the helmet, are there any more practical solutions?

Can you not see the warning lights on the gauge?

Did you setup the led lights on top for warning? You should be able to setup temp light to flash red at set level.

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I can see them go flash. What I really need is an audible alert as well, as my mychron seems to flash frequently for reasons I am not sure about. Since I can’t read the screen, I’ve gotten out of habit of looking down. Also, the wire for the temp melted off so there’s that. If it made angry noises, that would be helpful.

i think you should go through and confirm your settings are correct. Your mychron should only flash for the warnings you have setup.

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Even though I can read it while in the kart, during a sprint race the only thing I ever have time to look for is a blinking light for the coolant temp. Otherwise it’s just a glorified data collector for post race info.

Get your sensor sorted out and change the settings so it only blinks where there is a problem. No lights, no indicated problems.

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Thanks. I always assumed the blinking was what it was. I’ll see what the manual has to say about setting up alerts.

Amazingly engine runs fine (took 4th) No power loss. This despite literally turning the engine stickers into carbon.