Anybody using NT-Project Software to help on Kart Setup?

Hello guys.

As I am new here, I tried to find something about NT Project Software but I couldn´t, so I am creating this topic. If any other topic was already created, please let me know than we avoid duplicating it.

Contextualizing, I am 37 years old and I started driving karts in 2015. As all of you, I am also a fanatic and as I am an engineer, I am becoming an enthusiastic about all the theory behind this fantastic sport, mainly the chassis dynamic.
Therefore I started studying the subject and I found on the internet a software called NT Project that helps to find the best set up for you chassis, carburetor, tyres, engine, etc.
As the software is a little bit expensive for a Brazilian, I´d like to have feedback of actual users before buying it.
So, could you please help me understand if it worth investing on this software? If you are a user, which module do you use? Did it helped you to improve your results?
Any feedback will be very welcome.

JR Garcia

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Adding link to software. Not familiar personally.


I haven’t heard of it until today. Looks interesting for sure.

Is it still active?

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Yes, it is. I am in contact with the developer.

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New version 2020 released recently.

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Never heard of this until now. Looks interesting. Reading through it now.

I’m a bit confused though. Do you need the sensors to measure all these variables? How does it calculate that otherwise?

I asked the developer and we need a telemetry system like AIM Mychron, Alfano, etc.
As I have AIM Mychron 5 2T, he said I am able to use the software.
Yesterday I sent him files from my training session in order to test my data into the software before buying it.
I didn´t receive his feedback yet, but I believe it will work.

I get that, but a MyChron without the pedal sensors or tire temp sensors can only give you the G-forces it detects from the gauge itself, I believe. And I don’t know how you can calculate tire temp or tire pressure through a run without a specific sensor. So I’d imagine you can unlock all this data provided you have the sensors to collect that data.

This kind of thing seems like it would be a cool thing to play with on test days if you had all the sensors you needed.

Let us know what you find out.

I’d be very cynical about this, being an engineer also, I can’t see this would work without inputs that no data logger provides. If its doing what it says its doing, its creating a simulation model of the kart and automatically modifying inputs to make changes that it simulates a speed improvement.

So a few points that get my spider senses are tingly:

  • If this worked, everyone would be using it.
  • If it was it doing what it says its doing it would require a tremendous amount of computing power.
  • Even if it was doing what it says its doing, it must be assuming a lot of inputs as they aren’t measured on a kart.
  • With simulation, crap in leads to crap out.

I’m talking specifically on the chassis. Jetting can be adequately done with a spreadsheet. Tuning would require a heavy computer power CFD model.

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I have the following sensors:

Water temp
Exhaust temp
Tires temp

The files I submitted to him includes data from all these sensors.
As soon as I have a reply, I´ll let you know.

Nik, before knowing about this software I was studying and thinking about how to create a model to help me with my setups and I was thinking the same, I mean, I´d need a super computer to calculate setups due to the million of combinations coming up. I don´t know how Mr. Tabacchi created the model, but if it works, I´d love it.
I´ve made the same question about why this software is not worldwide known if the promise is so great.
I hope it works.

Agreed, I tried to do a FEA model of a kart at university and you end up running into the problem of not having a good tire model, so you are just guessing the loads going through the frame.

I have a mate that uses this for KZ carb tuning.

He reckons its good and will get you 90% of the way there but just like any software it cant get that last 10% due to variables. Always gonna have to do a little extra playing around with it

Many years ago, I read that either an F1 or Indy team had software that would make their car handle perfectly. The problem was no driver could handle the car with that setup.

Take your kart to the track and drive it. Learn how to quickly analyze the data from your Mychron between sessions. Make changes and keep good notes on what you did and how it affected the kart. Never be afraid to make changes. Read what your tires are showing you. Watch your EGT temp. It should never fall at the end of the longest straightway. Check you plug and exhaust colors. Have fun.


Thanks tony.
Reading your message you made me think in something I always hear. There is no unique perfect setup but perfect setup for each driver. And it is something the software would not consider, I mean, the driving style and the kart behavior the each driver feels more comfortable with.

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Guys, the software developer received my AIM Mychron 5 2T files with all the data (including water, exhaust and tires temperature) and he said that it worked perfectly with their software.
Unfortunately he didn´t send me any analysis result. Just said it worked.
Now the question is: Should I invest without feedback from a independent NT project software user?
Below is the pricing sheet I created with the information I found in their website. As you can see, I highlighted the module I am interested on. But, even just one module is a huge amount of money for a Brazilian.

Oof that’s a big spend. Will the ability to use this impact you more meaningfully than a new set of tires? If yes, go for it. I think what I’m hearing from above is that it would help, up to a point.

My sense is that a trackside mechanic\tuner might be better value? So this is a single day\session analysis for $390?

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How much tuning changes have you done just to chassis/setup as opposed to the engine tuning?

I agree. I am planning to invest on it as soon as the crises finishes.

I am making changes to my kart weekly as I use to race in different tracks very regularly. But I still didn´t find the concept behind, I mean, what we are looking for? grip balance between rear and front end?

To be honest I am still a little bit lost. I have a great spreadsheet where I make notes of all session with huge amount of details and I am not finding a trend. So I thought a software could help me while I keep studying and trying to understand the whole picture.
But even the literature confuses sometimes, for example, I read from different sources I trust that increasing rear end height you increase the rear grip due to center of mass changes and the other source said the grip in the rear tires reduce when increasing rear height because the inner tire lifts up more when you have higher heights.