Anyone able to ID the Mfg. and age of this Kart? Dart?

This has been kicking around the family since the 1960’s. The original family owner said he bought it from a guy that brought it to MI from CA. It had two Mac 10’s. They are long gone, as is the pod gas tank that was attached to the seat back. Gone also was the brake caliper, but it does have a drum brake. I gave it a rattle can paint job and threw a motor on it. It’s fun, but I’m wondering if I have something rare and special. There are no manufacturing numbers or decals. Any thought will be appreciated.

Very cool. Is number 20 similar vintage?

Those are different carts than the one I had questions about. The Indy carts were made by Crue Cut around 1964. They made a lot of go karts for the Shriner organization. I don’t think there are a lot of them left. They were made for full size grown ups to ride. These are all original except for the kill switch I added.

Those are really great looking. There is a thread here somewhere with some great examples of restorations of older race karts if you haven’t seen it yet.

Love to find it, no luck so far.