Anyone familiar with Swiss Auto 250?

Is anyone familiar with the Swiss Auto 250 (39hp/10000 RPM) ? Enjoy the translated English of their website:

It is very yummy and I want one.

I drove one (or at least it’s brother, the Biland) in 1998 or 1999. Nice motor, punchy if a little heavy. It never really seemed to take off, while the FR125 did. :confused:

Biland used be semi-popular at Badger when TaG first started. By “popular”, I mean there was like two of them.

They sounded like little V8s. Kind of badass.

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The SwissAuto 250 was SwissAutos second attempt at making a 4 stroke engine. Was meant to run against the Vampire, TechF1, Oral and Biland fighter but it never really took off surprise surprise.

The main issue with the SwissAuto was its short run time… Something ridiculous like 50-100 hours before a rebuild… when the Biland can do 300 odd… if it doesnt blow up the bottom end!

All in all they are a fairly decent engine, we used to race against a 35hp spec one in my tuned biland, it never really was fast enough but then his was factory spec and my biland was (scuse my french) tuned to f*ck! :joy:… Shame the 4 strokes never got a decent chance… my biland on a fresh chassis and skinny kid driving would leave behind most 2 strokes simply because of its mahoosive grunt! Hey ho :slight_smile: