Anyone has trying this fairings?

(stamatis stampelos) #1

Good evening from Greece,

anyone has try this set of nose and bumper front from hegar? Those guys seems to know what they doing.
The price is a bit up for me but I’m thinking of doing the step. Coz my own set it’s dated.
A lot dated…
Many thanks for your time. ckart4

(Dom Callan) #2

The hot dog Nassau. Yes, that is seen a lot these days. I personally don’t like it because it’s hard to mount my gopro to. It’s a fine faring otherwise. I use the bumper from that set and the previous gen faring. My teammates use the new one. It’s supposedly more aerodynamic.

(James McMahon) #3

That’s a “Hagar fairing”.

I’ve run one, they’re intended for road/long track racing and are worth a couple of mph for sure in that kind of racing. Not sure I’d bother with one in sprint/short track racing.

Not all organizations allow them however. Especially across the pond I would check if you can run it.

(Eric Gunderson) #4

Agree with James on this one. I think the Hegar / Hagar fairing is not very common to see used in karting outside of Road Racing, and I believe this is partially due to regulations and aesthetics. I do know recently several manufacturers are toying with Hegar-like Nassau panels, in particular OTK and Kart Republic…

(stamatis stampelos) #5

Many thanks.
That’s great help.
Cheers from Greece!