Anyone have a 3D print file for a Air Filter Rain Cover

I have the printer, but didn’t want to reinvent the wheel if someone already has the print file they are willing to share.


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Ooh that’s a good idea - if no one has one I’ll probably model one up at some point!

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Ill print some for you if you can model it up. I’m not good at the design part of this but I do have the media and printer to bust some out. Would love to be able too make something to help out kids at the track also.

If youre still having a hard time finding it. You can use a car trash can and cut em up, drill a hole, put a zip ties with it.

Idea… I’ve seen some McGuyvered rain covers on track…. Would be curious to see pics of folks jury-rigged solutions…. Ie your car trash can idea.

Pretty sure James Overbeck is still using a Bengals Cup for rain races at like every national event… :smile:

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I swear I’ve seen either 1 quart or 1gal ice cream tubs used too

Will post pic soon. :grimacing:

The lunatics from Fremont Raceway Park (Carson Smith and Dylan Jahns) cleaned up in the 206 Shootout money race and 206 Senior in the rain at Elkhart with Gatorade bottles and zip ties to protect the air filters. Not sure how they did it but it worked!

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Here ya go.

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I would be interested in helping with this. I don’t have a raincover on hand to model something off of but I can work from profile photos of the airbox if you can provide those.
Ideally it would be made to be form fitting.
I’m new to the forum and have been karting for a season but am a product designer and carbon fibre fabricator. lets chat.

So I started to go through a couple designs for the LO2026 air filter and i have one on the printer right now. If this works out, ill share the file. Here is what it looks like. The filter fits perfect inside the inner circle and the top has a hole open to help suck a little air. It needs some tweaks but any ideas are appreciated.

Top of filter

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