Anyone have Rotax footage from Newcastle?

Finding all sorts of X30/Ka footage from NCMP. Anyone have footage running Rotax around the track? Thanks.

This is old footage now, but a good example of Rios absolutely wheeling it at a “non-Rotax” track to win against a high-level mixed-TaG field.

Also cameos by yours truly (#68) and Dan Wheldon (#03).

Do you know what layout they’re running?

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According to the page they are running reverse National.

Well then watch that video I posted in reverse. :sweat_smile:

I’m going to look really weird going backwards the whole time.

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@tjkoyen…what’s Rios adjusting down the straights? And man, what a great experience it must’ve been racing alongside the late Dan Wheldon…R.I.P. 2011 was a sad year. Our company was a full time sponsor for Foyt since 05 although we’ve now scaled that back to just the 500. I was lucky enough to get to attend many Indycar races as an employee during those years and miss it now.

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I’m pretty sure he’s unscrewing the cap on the carb to let air in and lean it down.

Racing against Dan was great. He was a fixture at national races there at the end, and was always fun to battle with. His kart spent more time sideways than it did straight, and he was such a nice enthusiastic dude in the pits.