Anyone have the OMP KS-2 Shoes?

Looking for a new set of shoes and it’s hard to find any reviews out there so I wanted to see if anyone has the OMP KS-2 shoes (the ones with no laces and just a velcro strap). The no laces has me wondering how they are walking to and from the track and in the pits if I don’t have time to swap out to sneakers between heats. Currently have Alpinestars KZs and I like them, just looking for something different and these caught my eye.


Im a lazy-bump-type-of-guy when it comes to lacing shoes. Bwhat about this one? The boa twist one is also good one.

I’m actually interested in those as well, but they are car shoes vs karting and I’m not sure how hot they would be due to the fire rating…

I bought these last season and still use them.
They are very tight in the toe area. Narrow and very low. I feel the pressure from above on my toes.
Velcro is not very strong and it will unbind itself when you have to crouch.
They are very stiff and I swap them as soon as I finish the session.
It can be used but I will not buy these again.

Thank you for your insight!