Anyone know anything about these rims?

Hey guys, I had someone give me some of these rims. I don’t know anything about them. There are 2 for fronts and 4 for 6" rears.
Are these good rims to run on our 206 kart? Or are they not very good rims?

Probably from a kart from the 90’s that ran soft tires. The fronts would be fine. The rear at 6” are only legal in some series as far as I know and are combined with cup bodywork that is more enclosed.

If your kart is a CIK chassis you probably can’t use the rear wheels.

Like James said check with your local rules first. Our club allows 6" or 7.10" tires.

Looks similar to the magnesium wheels that Intrepid used in the mid-2000’s. Probably something you could use for rain tires, given the 6" rears.