Anyone know if this is sold in the US?

Wondering is anyone sells a tool like this or something that can do the same thing. Adjusts the camber on the parolin/kart Republic easy caster setup. Thanks

No need for that, loosen spindle bolt, camber adjustment screw and turn it by hand :grin:

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Yeah I know but one of mine is pretty stubborn. Not nessecary but just thought it might be handy if I could find one.

Disassemble everything and clean thoroughly etc. Could be a bent spindle screw as they are pretty brittle on these unfortunately

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I have dissesembled everything and didn’t find anything wrong. It’s not super tight, just not loose enough to do by hand

Have you tried checking with Shawn Bayliff at Trinity Karting Group or Chase Jones at MPG Motorsports?

Would the OTK-style pill wrench work?

I’ve used these on a variety of karts with the holes in the pills and they work great. And they’re readily available from multiple places.

Awesome, I’ll look into that. Thanks

Otherwise, I just stick the Allen for the set screw into the hole and tape it with my palm and that usually rotates even a stubborn pill.

I believe the OTK wrench is too large to work for the KR system.

I’ve had similar issues with the KR eccentrics being very tightly fitted. My crude solution has been to use needle nose pliers to rotate them, though it will mar the eccentric if you’re not careful.

@Matt_Geist uses a pair of 90 degree snap ring pliers and rotates them. Once you break the prongs off, they are perfect for this task. We keep a labeled set in our junk drawer specifically for this purpose.


@CourterZT Sounds like we’ve found the next item for your 3D printing business right here!

I have the OTK pill tool and while it’s not really necessary it’s also really nice to have around esp on the bottom adjusters.

I have both the hand style and the wrench style in the works. I’ll get them finalized, printed, and up on my site hopefully by the end of the week!

I actually originally thought about this when I saw one on your post. Should be cool, thanks.

These were made for Trinity so they’re branded TKG.

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