Anyone race Quincy street race?

EKN covered it and I have some footage from an acquaintance:

Here’s Devin Smith-Harden in shifter finals:

Check the flag guy at start. Super stylish flag throwing.

Anyone go race?


This event man, another level. Would love to attend one day


Well if anyone has footage/stories, post em here!

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That’s Jason Burgess, guy is an absolute legend.

I figured he was known. That’s just too awesome to have gone unnoticed.

Margay Ignite Heavy championship race from race winner Jeremiah Davis’ pov:

Edit: never mind, video includes warm up etc

We need to get you over here for some sort of tour. Has to be done.

I participated in 2018, but ended up retiring from the event and wrenching for a teammate after I stuffed my kart into the barriers. Got caught on a crown in the road and basically washed straight off…live and learn.

The onboard footage does little justice to how awesome the track is. In a shifter you have three 90mph straightaways, and the elevation is just wild. Definitely in my top two tracks of all time, 2nd only to Shawano.

The event itself is a sight to behold. Picture perfect setting in a beautiful park, a hospitality area for “VIP” attendees, and 10,000+ spectators throughout the weekend.

If you’re at all interested in this race, just go do it. Don’t even think twice. If you’re not interested in racing the event, I would still highly recommend attending as a spectator.

@Bimodal_Rocket - the driver in the video of your original post is actually Devon Smith-Harden. I race with their team (Harden Motorsports Group), and his grandfather Doug is the one who uploaded the video.

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