Anyone racing at Motorsports Country Club in Cincinnati this weekend?

This will be my first time racing there (206 Senior). Ive only ever raced at G&J Kartway with the OVKA, so im excited to see how it is racing a different track with a different crowd.

If anyone else on this forum is going to be there, feel free to stop by and introduce yourself!

Look for the long-haired brown guy with the beard.


Our family will be practicing today and racing tomorrow. Andy and I in KA masters, and my son in Mini. I’m afraid I know very little about 206, but have a good grasp on the track itself and line. Happy to help review video or answer questions.

Hope you enjoy yourself and come back.


Awesome. I’ll see ya’ll there!

Yepp! Im definitely coming back. I’ll tell you what, turn 11 sneaks up on you quick! It wasnt until the last few laps of the final race where i started to somewhat gain confidence there. Lots of time to be found there for me.

You guys looked good out there though. Next time, i’ll do a better job looking for you all in the pits.

i had to miss the race this last weekend, but i’ll be there for Kartoween. i’m in 206 masters.


Turn 11 is never easy. I lost 0.2 there on my qualifying lap and it cost me a shot at pole.

On the pro-am race weekends we’re typically pitted right by the scales.

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