Anyone recover their steering wheel?

My OTK steering wheel is showing significant wear in the red “neoprene” grip sections. I’m looking for alternatives to spending $275+ on a new one. I’ve also considered the MyChron wheel but it’s still not cheap. I’ve seen people wrap tennis racket wrap around the wheel but doesn’t seem like that great of a solution.

In the car world there are plenty of options/support to recover a steering wheel, but I haven’t found anything for karts. Has anyone here done it? What materials did you use? Any sort of write ups?

I haven’t done this; however, bar tape for cycling would probably be what I’d choose. It’s softish, pretty robust, and sticky on the bar side. The direction of wrap will be important for it not to peel up.

Do you need an OTK wheel? I feel like most wheels that i’ve seen are $90-$190.

Have used cycling bar tape several times with no issues. Tennis tape or hockey tape also works well.

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Back when I was a tennis guy there was this stuff called gamma grip that would have made for a terrific handlebar wrap. Super grippy and absorbent.

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Same here but bat grip. Pretty durable, thickens up the wheel for easier grip. Make sure you wrap bottom up so the open end faces down. Couple wraps of color matching electrical tape will make sure it stays tight.

Lacrosse stick tape for me. Works great, you can get it at Dicks.

Dom nailed it, gamma grip is the bomb diggity! Head brand has some that works great as well.

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