Anyone running a CRG FS4?

Hi guys, my son is moving from Briggs cadet (sportsman) to Jr Light next year. He’s currently running a CRG black mirror and loves it, so we’re planning to stick with CRG for next year, but other than one guy in masters, we dont know anyone running an FS4. Just curious if anyone has one and what their impressions are, any quirks, strengths, weaknesses etc?


It’s going to be hard to get an unbiased honest opinion unless they have tried other 4 stroke chassis… here at our club- we have a group that runs strictly CRG… one of them- a junior racer got a brand new FS-4 (it came in with our new Tony Kart 401 R) and she (the junior racer) loves it… she was running an older CRG (with a 206) but I can’t recall what model it was… she is very fast and won 2 races with it this season… that being said- hope this helps some… to add to the mix- my son hasn’t loss a race in his class in almost 3 years running nothing but OTK chassis… sorry but I had to add that in there…

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We are running a number of FS4s at our local track and the Cup Karts North regional series. We have worked with CRG over the last few years to develop the FS4 for the US market. I can assure you with the right setup and driver it will run with any of the other chassis out there. Be happy to share set up info with you.

Marshall Martin
LSR Motorsports


Thanks, i appreciate the input. One question i have, is the CRG website shows there being an FS4 jr and FS4 sr chassis. Is there any difference between the 2 chassis?

OTK is my second choice if for some reason we dont stick with CRG.

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I didn’t know it was sold in 2 versions… I know the one they received here had jr size rear wheels (6.0)… we assumed that all FS4 came that way… that might be the difference?…

Thats what im unsure off. The CRG website shows a Jr and a Sr kart with different price, but the specs are the same and as best as i can tell there isnt a difference.

This kart is a great 4stroke set up for both JR, SR, and Masters. I’ve been running up front all year on it and highly recommend it!

Contact LSR Motorsports out of South Bend. They have all the details on my set ups and will gladly share.


Thanks for the info. A buddy who runs Masters has offered to let me put my kids seat in his and swap the carb slide and let him test it after the season is done.

If you’re anywhere near go pro in Mooresville, shoot me a text message (630-373-8000) I have one here with me that you could take out for laps as well.

I appreciate the offer, but im up in Canada