Anyone use PKT billet pedals?

My son must have an aggressive left foot, because he has managed to bend his stock tubular steel brake pedal on his kosmic. Thinking of upgrading to a set of PKT billet pedals during the off season overhaul, just wondering if anyone has used them and are they stiffer than the stock tubular pedals?

Thats impressive I have not bent one and I am 230lbs… gas pedals though I snap them off all the time.

Well to be fair we were having some braking issues early last season, he didn’t like the OTK brakes compared to the CRG he ran the previous year. So he was definitely smashing the pedal harder. We worked most of those issues out during the season. He also crashed into a kid that spun right in front of him at the end of the season, the crash probably drove his foot into the pedal harder than usual.

Either way i pulled the trigger and ordered a set, hopefully he likes the feel.

Most of what PKT makes is outstanding quality.

Child ergonomics of pedals is always tricky. Best thing you can perhaps do is some braking drills to help him learn that the brake isn’t an on off switch.

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Thats good advice. We also have the issue that he went from a size 8 shoe at age 10, to a size 12 at age 11, so that massive jump may have had something to do with his awkward pedal use.

I would suspect absolutely a contributing factor.