Anyone want to move some metal?

After ten years of racing karts that were stuck in friends’ garages, bought off Craigslist, or saved from scrap, I’ve decided it’s time to buy a brand new chassis. $1500 worth of parts junked from fatigue and wear this year isn’t much less than the first year’s depreciation on a new one.

I have a good quote on a new OTK from my normal dealer; I don’t think I’ll buy an OTK from someone else.

If you want an in-shape, middle aged, short, heavy TaG Senior driver on your brand, and you think you can significantly undercut OTK or be decisively better on northern tracks, I’m up for a chance. Tell me what advantage you think I’ll get with the chassis you sell.

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So far, one quote that I’m considering, one quote that I’m not, neither from this thread. I think most kart shops are either taking the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, or are in Daytona.

I think if you want to illicit some responses from here you should add your location to the post so folks know where you’re at :))

It sounds like you already have everything you need. If trying to find a deal, but not at the expense of performance, then you may already have the best option in front of you, as it sounds like it’s also coming from someone in your area that you’re used to dealing with.

I’ll never talk shit on OTK for performance related reasons, as their winning record speaks for itself. However, depending on how important longevity of the material is to you, you may not want to rule out other options, as I’ve heard from multiple sources (all reputable) that OTK’s material is quite soft these days. For anything with Tag-level HP or higher I think this is worth considering.

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Suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, USA.

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An update: my new CRG KT2 arrived today. It’s beautiful.

If your local track owner doesn’t advertise that he sells new karts, he might be a dealer of a brand that isn’t terribly popular right now - and might have an opinion on what sort of kart would do well at his track!


I second that :grin::grin::grin: