Anyone willing to give my 5 year old some seat time in a Kid Kart? (Central Texas)

My five year old has shown interest in karting; however, he is persuadable. I would love if he could actually try driving a kart, to see if it is for him — before plopping down the monetary investment.

Is anyone or does anyone know of someone in the Central Texas (Austin, TX specifically) area who would be willing to offer some seat time?

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If no one else here does, might check on the Hill Country Kart Club fb page if anyone would be willing to let him. My kid’s in cadet so probably too big (unless he’s got really long legs!).


I’m in San Antonio, but unfortunately do not have a kid kart. Hill Country Kart Club in New Braunfels might hate someone with a kid Kart that would be willing. However, I know that North Texas Karters in Denton has a test drive program.


I’m in Dallas and have a Kid Kart. If you are willing to make the drive, you are welcome to try it out. Like Mike said above, NTK in Denton does have a few Kid Karts that they do test drives with as well.


Thank you all for the great suggestions and thanks @GregF for the kind offer.