Anyone with an impression of the Galiffa R1?

Many people say that of all the tuning companies galiffa are the best. What would you say ?

It’s not really an answer to you question, but something to be mindful of when this comes up.

What matters is what’s best for YOU at races and classes you run.

xxx brand/tuner that kills it at events you aren’t running, may not actually benefit your own program. I’m not saying it can’t or won’t, but just be mindful of this on conversations. Ask what kind of support you can expect at the events you plan running.

OK carry on…

It is clear !! My question is that in any case I will buy a new engine with a modification, I’m just interested in the best engine in terms of price / performance. There are companies SRP Galiffa VITI …

All of the builders you mention are reputable and put out a good product. You may be better off asking them some questions directly. The support you do/don’t get from them will be nearly as important as the engine itself, as it will only be as good as it’s jetted!

Indeed, we all are. Which is why it’s important to find someone who can ensure you get maximum performance on the day of the race. There are many tuners that can supply you with an excellent base product.

There’s no doubt that Galiffa is one of the most prominent tuners. The question is, can they help YOU get maximum performance at the track.

Where are you located? What tracks and championships do you run? The answer to your question relies heavily on that.

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Galiffa has a great reputation. In KZ, alot of the result comes down to engine set up on the day ie gearing and jetting. These are learned via experience and trial and terror, and why you see top tuners providing on track support for their customers.

no one offers racing engines in their stores. I’m already starting to regret that I sold my racing 10c … These R1s in stores will be slower …

Send Thierry @ ST Motors a mail, might have something