Anywhere in the UK to sample a 2 stroke kart?

As per the title, I’m looking for somewhere in the UK where my son (17) can try out a 2 stroke kart? As he’s a car and race nut, he’s really keen to sample what I’ve been telling him about since he was young (I used to race a little back in 90’s) but without the expense (at least at this stage) of buying a kart and all the kit. Ideally it’d somewhere we could go whenever we both had some free time together, not just a one off. We’re in the NW.

We were recently in France where we found a track that offered 2 stroke hire, but it was closed when we arrived. I’ve done quite a chunk of searching but found nothing in the UK, other than the hiring of everything for a full race weekend.

Any help much appreciated.

This shouldn’t be too hard to arrange in the UK. Any thoughts as to arrive and drive two stroke or other test day possibilities? @Alan_Dove

In terms of expense just to hire a krt for a day all in you’re looking at anywhere between £400-750. You’re not a million miles away from s/h kart for that. If anything buying a kart, using it and then selling it will be cheaper.

Hop along to Hooton Park at one of their club meetings there might be a team or two who will offer a test for a day.

You can do race kart experience days with Dan Holland Racing at Whilton Mill

You can go to Daytona Milton Keynes, Daytona Sandown Park or Daytona Tamworth and practice in their DMAX karts. They are 2 stroke Rotax Junior type karts. Pretty good.

Welcome to Kp, Marcus!

Club 100 could be a great way to start:

Thanks @Bimodal_Rocket

I think Club100 is going to be too much too soon, I know because I race with Club100.

You have to do a competency test session to get approval to race, and it’s expensive if you’re only interested in having a try out of 2 strokes.

I really do recommend Daytona DMAX for a 20 minute practice session. It’s around £50 for 20 mins and will be a good introduction to 2 strokes.

After that, Club100 is indeed a good step up and a brilliant championship.