Apex Kart Track California

I just got back into karting and did an open practice day at CalSpeed in Fontana and had a great time. I was wondering if any of you have done open practices at Apex in Perris and if so is it a decent day out. I rode supermoto’s there several times and it seemed pretty rough.

It’s pretty awesome. Long straight with a braking zone on top of a small hill with little weight on the tires…It also has a couple of other unique features (a jump, a multi-radius corner etc. The asphalt is not bad, but it can get dusty due to the desert surrounds and the moto guys, they run the opposite way and may kick up some dirt and dust but nothing bad. I actually like it quite a bit, family atmosphere

Onboard vid GH010001 1 - YouTube


That’s really cool. Parts of it feel like city driving.

Thanks for the info and video! Didn’t realize that they do karts and bikes on the same day, when I rode there it was just bikes. We also rode under the lights in the evenings. Looks a lot different going in the opposite direction too. I’m guessing I will need to change my gearing for that long straight. I’m perfect for Fontana but the straight there at Apex looks a lot longer, I can’t recall it from memory.