Apply stickers 508/507 bodywork

Whats up lads! I got my new kart and i have to apply sticlers anyone got some tips specific for 507/508 bodywork or is it just straight forward? I have never done this… thanks

Exactly like you do it in any other type of bodywork :grin:

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Set the individual pieces in the sun for a minute before you install. Tear part of the backing off and work that part and move to the next. Having a hair dryer or heat gun to soften them up makes it’s easier to work the air bubbles out.

Make sure the bodywork is clean with no wd40 or grease anywhere on it. Some people use soapy water or windex first and squeegee out the liquid. I dont on kart graphics but have on motocross bikes and it works well.

I just installed a set from Kart David on 507/508 bodywork and the front nose was the only semi hard part that needed a little heat and stretch to keep it smoothe. Otherwise it’s pretty easy.

Hope that helps.

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